The Student Organizations and Activities Division acts as the coordinating center for all units in the University which deals with students, student organizations, and activities conducted by students.

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    Tuesday, March 4, 2014

  • Announcements

    • Deadline of submission of activity permits and advisers' consent forms is one week before the activity regardless of the whereabouts of the signatories.
  • Operation Organization

    Operation Organization (OO) aims to inform and educate students about the guidelines of the Student Organizations and Activities Division.

  • Leadership Training Seminar (LTS)

    A good leader is a good follower. This is just one of the relevant topics taught during the leadership training seminar. SOAD conducts a leadership training seminar every year to empower student leaders and mobilize them to become responsible agents of positive change. The theme for this year's LTS is UPLB Servant Leaders: Exemplifying Excellence in Addressing Development Concerns Through Sustainable Community Service.

    Attendance to the LTS is a requirement for organization recognition. It also serves as an avenue to inform organizations of university policies, programs, and requirements for recognition.

  • Maintenance of Good Academic Standing among Members of Student Organizations

    As per Chancellor Rex Victor O. Cruz's recommendation, in pursuit for academic excellence, all student organizations must ensure that at least 80% of its members maintain good academic standing (i.e. scholastic standing must be either good or warning). Should an organization fail to meet this requirement after 1st semester, AY 2012-2013, its recognition will be suspended during the 2nd semester. Starting AY 2013-2014, this will be one of the bases for recognition of student organizations.

  • RA 8049: Anti-Hazing Law

    Joining doesn't have to be humiliating. Hazing, as defined by the republic act, is any form of initiation rite that puts the applicant in an embarassing or humiliating situation. Making applicants do menial, silly, foolish or any activity that may cause an applicant to suffer physically or psychologically is considered hazing.

    The law requires at least two (2) advisers to be present during initiation rites.

    Initiation activities such as "reporting" cannot exceed three (3) days as stipulated in RA 8049: The Anti-Hazing Law.

    The Anti-Hazing Law applies to fraternities, sororities, and organizations.

  • Green Division

    SOAD is a proactive service unit pioneering paperless knowledge management practices through the efficient and effective use of participatory/interactive communication and information technology.

    The SOAD website is hosted by a carbon-neutral company. Through renewable energy credits, the carbon emission of the servers is neutralized. The servers also use power-efficient AMD processors!

    Three questions guide us in the use of paper:

    1. Does it need to be printed?

    2. Can scratch paper be used?

    3. How can this be avoided in the future?

    We like to help the environment through conservation of resources. We print on both sides of paper and we ask students to submit documents online when signature is not needed.

    Through the division's innovations, the organizations made about 96% savings on paper usage by converting thirty-paged recognition forms to just one page. At the same time, about 4,000 Form 5s of UPLB students are no longer photocopied due to the student number encoding.